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Pacific Northwest Nature Imagery

Silver and Gold - Winter reflections
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A Time to Mourn

Illustrating thoughts in the biblical book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, verse 4    (Click on image for more options)


Passage to Wonderland

We do illustrations using nature themes.

An earlier version of this image was used to illustrate the concept (and possible effects) of “anger” in a pre-school children’s book.

I developed this digital illustration starting from a… “slightly modified” photograph of an actual tree, near my home in Camas, Washington. (OK, perhaps the [...]


On making an image of a historic house

Every mage in our website has its own creation story and the special circumstances / issues that had to be adressed in its making.  For this image I wanted the following:
* The sublimity of overcast, morning light
* A viewpoint that showed all of the house in its forested context
* Full house reflection on calm waters, [...]


March Luminosity

Late March Ambiance, lodgepole pine forest, Ochoco mountains, Central Oregon.


Quiet time, loud earth

A March scene from central Oregon’s Painted Hills.   It is early morning and the sun is still below the horizon but the mounds of colorful bentonite pellets have already began to glow in their multi-colored exuberance.


Dreamcatcher - the original

(Updating a previous post from a few years ago)
The “Dreamcatcher” is a Native American traditional artifact, probably inspired by the spider web.
On March 5, 2005, I came across this particular web at Ridgefield NWR, and it was soaked with raindrops.  Like strings of pearls, these drops helped highlight the web’s design and beauty lines.  The [...]