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Fallen - Fallen tree on the beach
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Midnight at the Henge

Stonehenge replica, South Central Washington State, Late June, near midnight. (Outline of Mt. Hood and glow of Portland city lights visible on the lower right quarter)


Special Delivery

Uh oh… they know where I live!
Sometimes, when the photographer can’t go to nature, nature comes to the photographer.
(A good thing, even at 6:30AM)


Softly on the Rocks

A small cascade of water descends through a field of rocks, playfully creating small rainbows as it goes, somewhere in Washington’s “Indian Heaven” Wilderness.


Camas on the Columbia

The little mill town we have called home these past 24 years.  Camas, Washington State, on the Northern shores of the Columbia river. The old paper mill, here since the 1880s, still runs 24/7 as shown in this image captured after sunset (from a viewpoint on the Columbia itself) even though it is [...]


Meet me half way

I wonder if these American White Pelicans were once seen as “The ugly cygnets”? I am guessing they were never mistaken for ducklings


Endangered: American Whites (…Pelicans, that is)

The bird with the second largest wingspan in North America (after the California Condor), the American White Pelican, is classified as “endangered” by the Washington department of Fish and Wildlife. They can still be found foraging below hydroelectric dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers, in Eastern Washington State. Below such a dam [...]