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After the Rain - A crisp, clear, sunset scene
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I’ll Fly Away in the Morning

When I was young
I dressed in bright yellows
As if to spread the very sun
all over my home; the meadows
But now I am old
All clad in silver-grey
Gathering my seeds in turn
To help them take root, as they may.
A breeze must come to break me
And old must yield before new life
Like Dandelion seeds, come take me
It is [...]


Bursting Forth



Wild Spring Color and Light

A bouquet of Lupine wildflowers put on a display of color and light, eager to welcome the new season. (Spring arrived early to the Pacific Northwest this year).


A ring of precious Fall color

For my Australian friends (it is Autumn in Australia)…
Fall view across one of the small lakes that ring my home town — Camas, Washington…


Worth Doing Again

Grand Teton National Park draws an average of 2.5 million visitors each year. So, as many as…ten million(!) cameras, smart phones and other imaging devices may have been pointed at this mountain range, from this specific viewpoint, since I was there in the Fall of 2009. Ten million (assuming that a good portion [...]


OR-7, the Mt.Hood files

“OR-7″ is a Gray wolf but not just any wolf — this Canis Lupus is famous enough and significant enough to warrant his own Wikipedia page ( He single-handedly (…paw-deadly?) started the first wild wolf pack in Western Oregon in more that sixty years!
OK, biologically speaking it isn’t possible for a single male to start [...]