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Portland Dawn - Just before they turn off the lights
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OR-7, the Mt.Hood files

“OR-7″ is a Gray wolf but not just any wolf — this Canis Lupus is famous enough and significant enough to warrant his own Wikipedia page ( He single-handedly (…paw-deadly?) started the first wild wolf pack in Western Oregon in more that sixty years!
OK, biologically speaking it isn’t possible for a single male to start [...]


Fun with Fungi

A family of tiny mushrooms thrive in each other’s closeness, as Winter approaches, in Southern Washington’s Mt. Adams wilderness.


Afternoon De-Light

Bright colors of a mid-October afternoon adorn Trout Lake creek near Mount Adams in Southern Washington State.


Beauty in any Language

“Klickitat” is a local Native American name for Mt. Adams; a dormant but non-extinct volcano in Southern Washington State. The lake is known as “TakhLakh” where “Takh” means “Meadows”. In any language they seem to nicely complement each other here, on a rare sunny day in mid-October of 2014.


Carved by waves

A sea stack off the Olympic coast of Washington State, rising more than 150 vertical feet, bears silent testimony to the forces that have shaped it. There is some serious wave action in this place.


Dragon Yoga

The fog was thick that morning on a remote beach in Washington State’s Olympic coast. As it burned off, this figure came into better focus, and it looked like someone doing yoga; the “boat” pose in particular. Probably not human– too many legs– a dragon perhaps, or three?? Or maybe just driftwood.