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Pacific Northwest Nature Imagery

Zion in Winter - Intense colors of a sunny Winter's day
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After the Fires

Fire and Ice took turns in shaping this landscape. Ice (glaciers) sculpted the jagged edges of Mt. Washington, on the Eastern end of Oregon’s central Cascades. Fire turned 70 ft evergreens into the charred 70ft “dark needles” that dot this scene. Fresh snow and dramatic clouds, add to the overall effect


Sleeping Starkness

Half an hour after sunset and I still could not peel myself off of the awesome spectacle slowly unfolding before my eyes. With every passing minute, it seems, St helens’ stark presence got ever more enchanting, as its shadowy outline reflected on a becalmed Spirit lake and the floating debris still there since the [...]


Lyle Daybreak

The sun begins to break through a thin cloud cover, at the Eastern end of the Columbia Gorge. The little town of Lyle, Washington, is faintly visible across the Columbia River.
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Storm in the Tetons

Stormy weather over the “Oxbow Bend” of the Snake river in Grand Teton National park.
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Camas, Washington

Photomontage inspired by my hometown of Camas, in Southwestern Washington State on the banks of the Columbia river, and the flower that names it.  This image (without my copyright notice) is also available as a high definition print on a variety of surfaces, at (  (or:  It is available in sizes up to [...]


Up to his Haunches

Meanwhile up on the high slopes of Mount Hood the bears had been feasting on an abundant crop of Huckleberries, to prepare for hibernation