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No Disappointment

North Head lighthouse, near where the mighty Columbia flows into the Pacific.
The location is “Cape Disappointment” named so by a British fur trader in the late 18th century. I was lucky enough –certainly not disappointed– to encounter a dramatic but otherwise clear sunset when I was there for the making of this image. [...]


Fire Season Sunset #2

And then the sun dove to the horizon, coloring all the smoke in the air as it went


Fire Season Sunset

Late August 2015, off the Oregon coast at Lincoln City. Smoke from inland wildfires paints the scene in other-worldly color


Layers of Spring

East winds from the high desert are rarely absent from the Columbia Gorge. It is usually night time before it gets calm, as the temperature differential between the East and West sides of the Cascades subsides. Somewhere in the transition there comes a magic moment, usually in early Spring (as in this image) [...]


A good Website - the gift that keeps on giving

It was almost exactly 10 years ago when I created this image…

… And it was just published, one more time, in a Colorado-based environmental publication this time… A nice anniversary present… for which I credit my website and its designer: “Lucent PDX” (


I’ll Fly Away in the Morning

When I was young
I dressed in bright yellows
As if to spread the very sun
all over my home; the meadows
But now I am old
All clad in silver-grey
Gathering my seeds in turn
To help them take root, as they may.
A breeze must come to break me
And old must yield before new life
Like Dandelion seeds, come take me
It is [...]