John Christopher, the Highlights

Photography has been my passion since my teen years, a few decades ago. The advent of digital photography and the 'computer-darkroom' has enabled me to pursue my passion on a full time basis since July 2008.

Brief resume highlights:

* Specialize in Nature/Landscape/Cityscape imagery.

* Enjoy working on original composite creations ("Conceptual" photography)

* Also experienced in Architecture, Product & micro photography

* Graduate, School of Modern Photography, 1981

* Member, American society of Media Photographers

* Digital post-processing expertise

* Work published in travel guides, books, literature + websites and displayed in private homes, office buildings and medical facilities.

* Offering: Prints, Stock photography, Assignments, Custom retouching, image critique & consultation on - equipment - technique, and - processing strategies.

Artist's Statement

To me Photography, like all art forms, is a means of communication - a kind of language, but one that enables dialog on the emotional level. The art of Photography attempts to communicate emotion through visual imagery; a process that begins when we see what is, visualize what could be, then use photographic tools to translate the reality we encounter, into the possibility we imagine. It involves seeing with our "mind's eye", beyond the physical apparatus.

In my Photography I consciously seek to develop images that transcend the literal, yet remain recognizably faithful to it. In the process I use the most appropriate tools available to me; from cameras, lenses and filters, to the tools of the digital darkroom. In that way I aim to produce images that clearly communicate the emotion that triggered the process in the first place, and do so better than I could with a thousand words.

I hope you enjoy your visit here. Feel free to send me your feedback on any of the images that may speak to you, or to comment on our blog ("Image Quest").