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Rock, Sand, Water

Yes the image below was made with the tools of digital photography…
I almost said “yes, this is a photograph” (as opposed to pen and ink drawing /stippling) but, by one definition a “photograph” is what comes out of a camera, and this certainly is not what did. Yet, the tools of digital photography were [...]

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It’s not the camera

This worn-out comment, relevant to the making of an enjoyable image is commonly used to suggest “it’s the photographer.” But… Is it? Just like the thought implied if only one question is asked (”What camera did you use?”) to suggest that all the credit should instead go to [...]

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The Digital Darkroom

It doesn’t happen as often any more but the word “Photoshop” used to elicit snickers and snide remarks about two headed dogs, alien encounters and sightings of bigfoot… all of which could be made up out of whole cloth as it were, using Photoshop. Computer Graphics, in general, is a field of art [...]

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