Reviewing /reworking images from my Yellowstone visit of a couple of years ago…

Everyone wants to capture a unique image, of course, and so did I, but with millions of visitors each year… how is that even possible?

Turns out it isn’t as hard as it may sound. But… the only way to see something different is to get off the beaten path, off the congested, synthetic boardwalks… (but careful not to step into any steaming or acid-filled calderas).

So I did. And came back with this. Strange, two years after I first published it, I still haven’t seen any copies. And I kind of like it that way, so… I won’t tell you where exactly I saw this… Oh OK maybe just a couple of hints

1. it is… off-the-beaten-path
2. You can only see it when the light is just so…
3. When the moon is in the seventh house… Um… no… that’s from another story