This early morning image of Mt. Hood — Oregon’s favorite volcano– has been among my most popular, since it was first published three and a half years ago. So, it was not an easy decision to re-visit & re-touch it. But… the availability of newer image processing tools & techniques, and the continuing evolution of my inner vision, made it imperative that I update it.

This is a common theme among nature photographers by the way.   Famously, Ansel Adams (quote) “…re-interpreted the image [[Moonrise, Hernandez]], his most popular by far, using the latest darkroom equipment at his disposal, making over 1,300 unique prints, most in 16″ by 20″ format…”

Think about it: 1,300 different versions!

Btw: this is what my image looked like when I first published it.  And this (below) is what it looks like now.

Don’t worry… I don’t plan  on having 1,300 different versions.

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