Not all “wildlife” is big, or wooly, or “red in tooth and claw…”
(…not to mention fast)

But that doesn’t mean critters are not all fascinating in their own way.
(…ever wonder how many …slimes per gallon your average snail gets?)

Nor do they all require big budget travel to exotic destinations
(… your nearest garden or dirt road will do)

So why did the snail cross the road?
(… because he saw me coming???)

Apart from being an interesting photographic subject, this little guy was soooo cooperative.
(… No agent, no model or property releases, no exorbitant fees)

He agreed to pose for me, over and over, till we got everything right.
(…had no choice in the matter.)

But then, when we thought we had it all together, I decided to work on the image a bit more
(…pesky photographers)

How about more light/ contrast / background separation…
(…a dark brown subject on a wet dark brown dirt road???)

If only I had a “reflector” of some kind… a critter-scale one
(…I know… how about a couple of fallen leaves)


Such a cooperative, photogenic subject
(…And, unlike kids, he is not into sudden moves, either.)


No Photoshopping beyond normal development.
(…”Normal” for me that is)

No snails were harmed in the making of this image.
(…I am not into escargot)

No “snail mail” jokes


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