On the East side of the Cascade range of Oregon and Washington is high desert. It is a special place of farms and ranches and barns, rugged terrain and gentle rolling hills that almost magically bring forth a technicolor world each Spring, when wildflowers return to put on incredible, mesmerizing displays. Balsamroot, Indian Paintbrush, Poppies and Lupines all show up in overlapping seasons creating some intense and delicate tapestries of intricate floral beauty; a fleeting mirage that only lasts a few weeks of each year, at most.


On a recent trip to “The Dalles Mountain Road”– a dirt road that traverses some of the best wildflower country of the high desert– we had the good fortune of enjoying all the right conditions for photography: great color, interesting skies, beautiful light and, most unusual… no wind! (Wind is almost always present in those parts). This helped us capture a few images to share… at our South-Central Washington collection