Location, location….

So, this swallow found what appeared to be the perfect spot in which to build a nest and raise its young… (And this looks like a lot of work) Still.. location… out of rain’s way, just inside a ‘cave’ (?) but not far from the open air. Perfect! Well, as it happens… that ‘cave’ was a wildlife observation ‘blind’ at Ridgefield in Southwestern Washington State. Oops.

The nest was approx 7 ft above ground (i.e. within easy reach of the average male adult - human that is.) So, the poor Swallow probably spent all his energy trying to fend off those pesky bipeds than kept coming in and out of the ‘cave’ every 5 minutes, on average, more frequently on weekends.

I didn’t mean to pile on but had no idea a Swallow had built a nest in there. A lot of feathers flew when I opened the blind door. So I quickly snapped a shot and got out (then told the rangers, who of course already knew about it but were still debating what to do).

I presume if Swallows had facial expressions we’d be looking at an ‘angry bird’ face right now.