“OR-7″ is a Gray wolf but not just any wolf — this Canis Lupus is famous enough and significant enough to warrant his own Wikipedia page (http://goo.gl/X5i5Dl) He single-handedly (…paw-deadly?) started the first wild wolf pack in Western Oregon in more that sixty years!

OK, biologically speaking it isn’t possible for a single male to start anything like that all by his lonesome self, so we all vicariously watched and tracked his journey by satellite, as he traversed Oregon and into California, in search of… the perfect bitch (= she wolf).

I too have spent time in the Oregon wilds looking to score a wolf shot… In my composition here locals will recognize the familiar volcanic outline of Mt. Hood, as seen from frozen-over Trillium Lake. And yes, that is a she wolf in the foreground, but I doubt she is OR-7s mate. The satellite tracking did not record him coming this far North.

On the other hand, who knows… maybe he figured out how to turn the darned collar off while pursuing other business on a side-trip. Quite a _tail_ to share with the grand-pups some day.