Every mage in our website has its own creation story and the special circumstances / issues that had to be adressed in its making.  For this image I wanted the following:

* The sublimity of overcast, morning light

* A viewpoint that showed all of the house in its forested context

* Full house reflection on calm waters, showing that the house is actually built near the shore of Lacamas Lake

* The visual elimination of the anachronistic, paved two-lane road that now intrudes between the house and the lake.

To satify these requirements I chose a viewoint from across the lake– appox. half a mile away  This took care of  the above issues but added some unwanted haze due to the distance involved.  To cut a long story, after some time in my “digital darkroom” I settled on this version where the house is shown in clear, sharp detail but the surrounding area is rendered in dream-like “fog.”

(Btw: this is the Pittock-Leadbetter house )