We spotted each other almost simultaneously at ~ 100 yds. He was near the edge of a forest, next to a road. I was in a parking lot by the side of the same road. It was just him and I, not too early in the day, around 6:30AM early enough to keep the (human) crowds down. I raised my camera, slowly. He didn’t seem too comfortable with that, and started walking away… then he suddenly stopped –no apparent reason that I could see– span around and started coming back. He started fording a creek… A car stopped next to me, then another, and another, then a bus with tourists. Soon a bunch of pocket cameras held in outstretched arms pointed his way… he turned around and ran looking over his shoulder… That’s the basic outline, click on the image to access the photos … I’m sure you can arrange them in their proper sequence :-) homeward_bound