Yes the image below was made with the tools of digital photography…

I almost said “yes, this is a photograph” (as opposed to pen and ink drawing /stippling) but, by one definition a “photograph” is what comes out of a camera, and this certainly is not what did. Yet, the tools of digital photography were used exclusively in the making of this image.  A digital camera + lens produced the original file, which was then processed in ‘the digital darkroom’ to give the final image that pen and ink look.

I went for a ‘partial materialization” visual effect… whereby the key elements of the image are only partially suggested, not fully materialized.

Sand provided the ideal medium with some of its grains registering in higher contrast than others. The diagonal line and denser/thinner sand accumulations delineate the areas above and below water, an effect further suggested by the ripple patterns in the lower left of the image.

The overall effect (I hope) is to communicate ‘transition’ and/or ‘faded memory’. That was my intent, anyway.rock_sand_water