Happy 2011 everyone. I hope your year is going well, in spite of all the problems that inevitably come with being human.

Our winter has been pretty mild so far here in the Pacific Northwest (other than the heavy rains that is). Been missing the snow scenery so I thought I’d rework an image I made in a previous Winter…

The thing that struck me here was the difficulty in deciding whether to render this scene in color or not. Black and white (with perhaps some sepia toning added) really enhances many snow images. But not this one. The contrast (both micro and macro) looks great in color — nothing to be gained from a monochrome conversion. Then I tried a combination: b&w all over, except for the bridge in color. That worked in drawing attention to the bridge but… there was still something lost. Something about the color version makes the image a lot more attractive and welcoming.

Perhaps its me (?) Perhaps this scene was meant to remind me…the world isn’t all black and white…semi_frozen1