Even in these dark days of the great recession, there are still patrons of the arts to be found out there. One shining example: hospitals and health care facilities.

Here in Southwestern Washington the Vancouver Clinic has been very active in collecting and exhibiting works of the fine arts, representing local talent. From watercolor paintings and photography to bronze sculptures Vancouver Clinic facilities serve as excellent permanent displays for such art.

On the minus side all exhibits are left in place permanently — i.e. for the life of each building.  No turnover means no new display opportunities. Thankfully the Clinic has been actively expanding their building program throughout the county.  And, we are especially thankful and deeply honored that some of our images were selected for such permanent exhibit in the Clinic’s brand new facility, on Main Street, in the city of Battleground, Washington.

In the photo below I tried to capture the mood of the lobby of a (still unoccupied) suite in this new Battleground facility, where four of our images are on display. (Twenty more are distributed in the various exam rooms.) I can think of no greater sense of accomplishment than to have my work perhaps suggest a ‘quiet place’ — a mental retreat for a suffering patient seeking to escape the unpleasant realities of a failing body, and to focus on hope.

If you find yourself in or near the city of Battleground, in Southwestern Washington, across the big river from Portland, Oregon, you may want to visit the clinic. It is a bright, airy, welcoming, modern facility with some great art distributed throughout. Our images are in Suite #220 (as of this writing) and there are a dozen more such suites with excellent works by many local artists throughout the whole building.  Some of the best work is actually displayed in the cavernous, 50 ft tall atrium and inner balcony areas.  It will be well worth your time.  (And no… you don’t need to be sick to visit.)  :)

(Visible in this picture: Mt. Hood Before Dawn , Twilight of the Balsamroot &   Welcoming the Light)