This post is about …water, mostly.

The East end of Lacamas Lake, in Camas, Washington (my neck of the woods) is a familiar scene, yet, it never ceases to impress. Water seems to appeal to something in us, especially when it looks clean, calm and mirror-like.

Water in the forest, or at least surrounded by trees, is even more appealing. Something, perhaps something going back to earlier stages of humanity, makes us feel attracted to such a scene. Perhaps we associate it with life, as in ‘ability to survive’ — we need water and we need cover (woods).

Living in the Pacific Northwest has also made me appreciate the beautiful light that often comes with broken clouds –i.e. water in its vapor phase. [[ Um... we do often get cloudy skies here, you know :) ]]

And then there is snow.

Snow changes how things look, adds highlights to the landscape and makes everything look ‘new’ even to the eyes of locals who might view a scene so often that it becomes ‘invisible’

Such was the case with Lacamas Lake, too, until I saw it  again, a few days ago, with snow. Here was water in all its phases: liquid below, solid in the middle and vapor above…

I just had to stop and take it all in.