I’ve always loved the stormy sea; those untamed waves crashing on rugged shores beneath my feet.  “Headlands” is the word; a colorful but descriptive term. There is a battle of wills being fought here. Endless waves of watery invaders in perpetual motion, meeting head-strong rocky promontories; motionless  “headlands” standing their ground.

I draw strength from nature in its many wild expressions, am awed by the interface of such untamed beauty. The clash of beastly forces in their unfathomable intensity reminds me that I am not the master of this universe.  I am human; an observer, at best.  I can watch and learn. I can record the battle just like a war correspondent. I can study nature’s forces, anticipate the beast’s next move and get out of its way, or harness its wild and surging energy.

Will I ride the flying dragons of Pandora, or open Pandora’s box?

It all begins with observing the interface.