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Passage to Wonderland

We do illustrations using nature themes.

An earlier version of this image was used to illustrate the concept (and possible effects) of “anger” in a pre-school children’s book.

I developed this digital illustration starting from a… “slightly modified” photograph of an actual tree, near my home in Camas, Washington. (OK, perhaps the [...]

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Playing with Snow

The Winter of 2016 has been pretty mild here in the Pacific Northwest. No snow anywhere in our elevation… second Winter in a row.
This is an “abstract” image from another February, that I just re-worked. The original scene was recorded in our back yard.
(To all the people in the Midwest and Northeast: [...]

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Snow Abstract

Intersecting lines, warm and cold

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On a beach far away neath leaden skies and half buried in the sand, a fallen tree, its branches like shipwreck masts, desperately reaching to the sky…
…one last time, before surrendering to the mighty sea…

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