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Grand Sunset Hopi

A colorful sunset on a grand scale, painting the awesome scenery seen from “Hopi Point”, Grand Canyon National Park.

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Odd neighbors, cast in stone

To early pioneers of the mid-19th century, the middle pile of stones looked like a “Washer Woman” so that is what they named it. The structure to the right they named: “Monster Tower”. In this scene, these two odd neighbors made of stone, are seen from, and framed by, the famous “Mesa Arch”, [...]

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A mirage with teeth

It was an unusually hot, dry day, even for the desert; 120 and still climbing. I had been hiking for half a day already and still my rendezvous point was nowhere in sight. Worse, I had already drank my last drop of water two hours ago — a lot sooner than I had [...]

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A Grand Experience

November 3, 2009: Uploaded images from the Grand Canyon

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