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Camas, Washington

Photomontage inspired by my hometown of Camas, in Southwestern Washington State on the banks of the Columbia river, and the flower that names it.  This image (without my copyright notice) is also available as a high definition print on a variety of surfaces, at FineArtAmerica.com: (https://fineartamerica.com/featured/camas-washington-john-christopher.html?newartwork=true)  (or: http://bit.ly/2iyFt5Z).  It is available in sizes up to [...]

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Moonrise Columbia

9/16/16. The Harvest moon of mid-September rises over the Columbia river, as seen from South-Western Washington State.

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Camas on the Columbia

The little mill town we have called home these past 24 years.  Camas, Washington State, on the Northern shores of the Columbia river. The old paper mill, here since the 1880s, still runs 24/7 as shown in this image captured after sunset (from a viewpoint on the Columbia itself) even though it is [...]

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Waiting for the Sun

So the other day I woke up to find an intense red sun rising. The unearthly surreal color was caused by some brush fires to the East, generating a layer of smoke that was just the right thickness to see through. And that Sun was just asking to be photographed… if only I [...]

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Psychedelic Dusk

Sometimes the sunset light show over Columbia’s shores can be downright mesmerizing

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Looking South

View of a side channel of the Columbia river, with Mt. Hood in the distance. Low tide. Looking South from the Washington coast. This is a few minutes before the sunset shot in my “Light at the End” post

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A scene from downtown Camas, Washington, our 5-block HQ city of 18,000, across the river from Portland, Oregon, as it looked on 10/23/09.  More images from Camas may be accessed here

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