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Holocaust Earth

A glimpse of our home planet and some forms of life with whom we share it.  What a beautiful domain to nurture and sustain us all.  Should we who only live here for just the proverbial blink of a cosmic eye, destroy this ancient biosphere in pursuit of ephemeral gain?  Should we let a handful [...]

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Klickitat: Domain of Eagles

Mount Adams (Klickitat in the language of local Native Americans) basks in the sunlight of a rare blue sky in mid October. A bald eagle glides gracefully toward this majestic and potentially active stratovolcano in South central Washington’s Cascade Range.

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Southern Oregon skies

Unmistakable deep blue afternoon sky in Crater Lake National Park, Southern Oregon, serves as a backdrop to a 3/4 moon and a bald eagle

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Spirits in the sky

Under the intense afternoon sun of Central Oregon’s high desert, the Painted Hills of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument seem like a mirage; especially during the rare occasions when there are clouds in the sky. Strange clouds. Or maybe you are seeing things.

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Wetland Dawn

A composite scene from a February visit to Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, in Southwestern Washington

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Oxbow Eagle

Oxbow bend of the Snake river, at the Tetons …we saw eagles

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New images: Bald Eagle

This beautiful bird landed on a tree near our home and let me approach within telephoto range. Click on photo below to access directory (Two images total)

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