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Where the Buffalo Roam

The current controversy over grazing rights in Southern Oregon, and earlier in Nevada, brought to mind this image that I made in the Grand Teton area a few years ago.
Unrelated to that…
Technically these aren’t “Buffalo” at all, they’re “American Bison,” but it is hard to correct popular culture once a name is established…
“where the [...]

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Worth Doing Again

Grand Teton National Park draws an average of 2.5 million visitors each year. So, as many as…ten million(!) cameras, smart phones and other imaging devices may have been pointed at this mountain range, from this specific viewpoint, since I was there in the Fall of 2009. Ten million (assuming that a good portion [...]

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Oxbow Eagle

Oxbow bend of the Snake river, at the Tetons …we saw eagles

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