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Highway to Heaven

A ssetion of the road that leads to the “Indian Heaven Wilderness” near Mt. Adams, in South-central Washington State. Fall colors dominate this early October scene.

Prints of this image on a variety of materials and surface finishes, in sizes up to 60″ x 40″, with or without a custom frame, may be ordered via [...]

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Softly on the Rocks

A small cascade of water descends through a field of rocks, playfully creating small rainbows as it goes, somewhere in Washington’s “Indian Heaven” Wilderness.

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Sculpted by lightning

This highly unusual shape of a tree was probably caused by lightning. Under that scenario a bolt would have struck and broken off  the upper part of the tree, then the remaining trunk healed over while the tree continued to grow… horizontally (!?)
However it was caused the current shape works well as a prop [...]

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Heaven 2.0

So… apparently there are  “…at least 150 small lakes, ponds, and marshes…”  in “Indian Heaven” Wilderness. Here’s one more of them, this one with a touch of Fall color showing.
Again, the dynamic range demanded HDR treatment (this is a blend of six files.)

Do you like this image? Would you like to know how it [...]

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Heavenly Reflections

Recently we visited the “Indian Heaven” Wilderness near Mount Adams, in South-central Washington State. Didn’t see much Fall color inside the Wilderness per se’ (more specifically the North-Eastern quarter). Most of the red-orange colored huckleberry bushes seemed to be far away in slopes inaccessible.
To make things worse, we had mostly solid overcast skies till mid-afternoon. [...]

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