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From a mile and a half

Terrible Tillie (a.k.a. “Tillamook Rock Lighthouse”), off the Oregon Coast, seen in February light…
More images from that part of the Oregon Coast

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No Disappointment

North Head lighthouse, near where the mighty Columbia flows into the Pacific.
The location is “Cape Disappointment” named so by a British fur trader in the late 18th century. I was lucky enough –certainly not disappointed– to encounter a dramatic but otherwise clear sunset when I was there for the making of this image. [...]

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Last Light

This was the view from the top of Cape Meares lighthouse on the Oregon coast at sunset, Tuesday October 16. I went to the coast hoping to catch some stormy weather, big waves and ominous skies… but it turned out to be the mildest, calmest, warmest mid-October anyone could remember.
So, I tried to make [...]

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Terrible Tilly

View of an Oregon landmark (from ~1.5 miles away, at Ecola State park, on the mainland). Most people try not to think about this building and what it represents, but, if you don’t mind the grim reminder, you can read about it here

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