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Riders on the Shore

A group of mystery riders emerges from the thick fog of a Pacific Northwest shoreline

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Summer Dream

Abstract interpretation of a Summer scene at Indian Beach (Ecola State Park), Oregon

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The Photographers Hour

Second Beach, near the town of La Push, in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula is an undisputed, world-renowned photographic “icon.” So, the last time I was there, in late September, I was not surprised to find a crowd of photographers all waiting for the sun to touch down on the horizon at sunset. Well, I’ve [...]

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Sunny weather in Oregon
snowflakes on a campfire
Clouds hurrying on the blue
fluffy shapes we admire
Trees that fall beyond the edge
with roots that hug unstable soil
Soft earth that runs and slips
cannot the many waves foil
A little waterfall that lives
but only till the tide’s homecoming
As do the patterns in the sand
that cannot stand the flow’s incoming
The camera that [...]

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