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Dawn at the Meadow

A hundred years ago this meadow near Mt. Adams, was part of “Trout lake,” its waters teeming with wild trout, in South-Central Washington State.¬† A process of siltation has by now turned most of the lake into a meadow, with a small stream (Trout Lake Creek) still running through it. Seen here in mid October [...]

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The Old Barn and the Mountain

Mt. Adams– an active volcano in South central Washington State, is the main visual element in this image that hasn’t changed over the last 100 years. Everything else has. The barn (still standing, but barely), the split wood fences (not even 50 years old yet), the trees (recent transplants), the meadow (which [...]

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From Lake to Forest

This is a snapshot of landscape transformation in progress. A lake in the woods can become an extension  of the surrounding forest through gradual primary succession.
Over a long period of time soil, leaves, needles and other organic material carried by rainwater, fill the shallow edges of the Lake. Grasses and other plants [...]

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