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Elk Meadows: a Fall diorama

Elk Meadows near Mt. Adams in South-central Washington State is a popular Winter grazing spot for Elk.

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Dawn at the Meadow

A hundred years ago this meadow near Mt. Adams, was part of “Trout lake,” its waters teeming with wild trout, in South-Central Washington State.  A process of siltation has by now turned most of the lake into a meadow, with a small stream (Trout Lake Creek) still running through it. Seen here in mid October [...]

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Looking at Mount Adams, Washington, from the slopes of Mount Hood, Oregon.  (That’s two active volcanoes).  Twilight colors modified by smoke from a wildfire.
You could say “It is all done with smoke and mirrors” (and lenses and sensors and software)

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Mixed forest Fall scene

Variety is the spice…

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Forest Creek in the Fall

From a recent trip to the Trout Lake area, near Mt. Adams (one of our most prominent volcanoes)

Prints of this image on a variety of materials and surface finishes, in sizes up to 48″x 60″, with or without a custom frame, may be ordered via this link

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