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Rainier Alpenglow

Alpenglow is the name of an optical phenomenon where distant mountain peaks are colored in the sweet, magical light of the sun while it is still below the horizon
Ever wonder what it looks like when such peaks are not “distant” but you are actually on or near them? I’ve had the incredible privilege to [...]

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Rainier Scenics

Wildflowers are just one of the elements worth seeing. Magnificent scenery is another, with or without the endless fields of color.
(Click on Image for access to a few more scenics from Mount Rainier)

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Rainier Wildflowers

I was at Mount Rainier the second week in August. Still too early for this year’s wildflowers, it seems, so I had to make do with what was there. But, as it happens, there were a few flowers here and there, with which to make do
(Click on image for access to a [...]

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