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Home for the Holidays?

If only in our dreams?
May we all be happy campers wherever we pitch our tents

Prints of this image on a variety of materials and surface finishes, in sizes up to 60″ x 40″ may also be ordered via this link

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Storm in the Tetons

Stormy weather over the “Oxbow Bend” of the Snake river in Grand Teton National park.
(Image also available as a fine art print on a variety of materials and surface finishes in sizes up to 60″x 34″ at: http://bit.ly/2mQ7day )

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A bear story

Early Spring on the shores of ice-covered Yellowstone lake. We saw each other at the same time, then he started walking toward me. He stopped at a few yards and turned around. Then repeated, unsure of which way to go. (It later became apparent he wanted to cross into a meadow [...]

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Southern Oregon skies

Unmistakable deep blue afternoon sky in Crater Lake National Park, Southern Oregon, serves as a backdrop to a 3/4 moon and a bald eagle

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Midnight at Rainier

I had long planned a night shot of Mt. Rainier from Reflection Lakes under starlight, but the weather had been un-cooperative. This time, too, in late September, weather patterns were quite unstable and unpredictable. Still, since we were already staying at the Paradise Inn, halfway up on Rainier, I decided to wait till [...]

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Teton Wildlife

Is it Spring yet?
(Click on image for access to a few more of our recent Teton wildlife shots)

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Majestic Reflections

The Grand Tetons across Jenny Lake, May 23.  (Click on image for access to our Tetons/Scenic collection)

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