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Quiet time, loud earth

A March scene from central Oregon’s Painted Hills.   It is early morning and the sun is still below the horizon but the mounds of colorful bentonite pellets have already began to glow in their multi-colored exuberance.

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Winter must come

But we will keep the lights burning

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Spirits in the sky

Under the intense afternoon sun of Central Oregon’s high desert, the Painted Hills of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument seem like a mirage; especially during the rare occasions when there are clouds in the sky. Strange clouds. Or maybe you are seeing things.

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Where legends come to life

“Follow the winding path through the middle of painted earth” said the chief. He was sitting on a rock, on the Oregon side of the Columbia, as the mighty river rolled quietly by, just a few yards away. “At the end you will find what you seek buried under 6 feet of the [...]

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