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Half a wink?

With one eye open and one leg tucked in, is this Great Blue Heron taking a nap or… only half a wink?

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Tinker Bell’s Pond

Water lilies on a pond
And nary a ripple
A mesmerizing view
Lost in a daydream
I follow the lights
And on to the stars

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It’s not easy being green… and keep body and soul together –especially those hind legs; a delicacy to some. Keeping half one’s body under water could, in theory, help. But then there is that bullhorn of a mating call that blows one’s cover to bits…

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Walking on water

So this Heron and I go back a few years.  Being neighbors we can’t help hanging around the same places. Still, we have this understanding that I shouldn’t get too close, even though he seems to be more comfortable with me each time we run into each other.
This time he let me get [...]

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