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On making an image of a historic house

Every mage in our website has its own creation story and the special circumstances / issues that had to be adressed in its making.  For this image I wanted the following:
* The sublimity of overcast, morning light
* A viewpoint that showed all of the house in its forested context
* Full house reflection on calm waters, [...]

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Sculpted by lightning

This highly unusual shape of a tree was probably caused by lightning. Under that scenario a bolt would have struck and broken off  the upper part of the tree, then the remaining trunk healed over while the tree continued to grow… horizontally (!?)
However it was caused the current shape works well as a prop [...]

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Root Creatures

Sometimes, in the early morning under overcast skies, walking through the forest at the edge of the lake, I think… I’m seeing things

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Silver & Gold

On a 95 degree Summer day, I thought it might be good to re-work an image from January!  No snow, but you can tell it is Winter from the brown foliage and barren tree branches..
This was on a rare occasion when the sun actually made an appearance… but even in early afternoon it stayed [...]

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Silver and Gold

A bright sun peeking through clouds and cottonwoods on a Winter’s afternoon
Larger version here

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