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Moonrise Columbia

9/16/16. The Harvest moon of mid-September rises over the Columbia river, as seen from South-Western Washington State.

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By the River’s Bend

As night fell we rushed to set up camp, starting with a hot, crackling fire.  The coyote’s song echoed in the distance celebrating the end of yet another fragrant Spring day, anticipating happy hunting hours to come. The Tetons receded into silhouettes following the setting sun to its appointed journey. We felt so blessed to [...]

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Morning Glitter

Inspired by the movie: “A River Runs Through It”…
I lived in Montana once… but this particular scene is actually from my present hometown, Camas, in Southwestern Washington State

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A Season of Peace

Trees with no leaves but still there is green to be found
And reason for hope
Sky, soft and safe; a hoary head
To keep us till the sun returns
A river. Soft and fluid and changeable
Familiar situations
Rain to keep things clean, calm and quiet
A season of peace

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