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Velvet Antlers

In a forest near Lacamas Creek, in Camas, Washington

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Root Creatures

Sometimes, in the early morning under overcast skies, walking through the forest at the edge of the lake, I think… I’m seeing things

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Graceful flyer

Photographing a fast moving bird in heavy early morning overcast comes with its own set of challenges, but… this heron is such a smooth, graceful flyer…

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Walking on water

So this Heron and I go back a few years.  Being neighbors we can’t help hanging around the same places. Still, we have this understanding that I shouldn’t get too close, even though he seems to be more comfortable with me each time we run into each other.
This time he let me get [...]

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Heron in the Mist

The sun hadn’t quite broken through the thick layer of fog covering the heron’s favorite pond. But that didn’t stop him from taking off as I approached. One of these days he will get used to me. (I hope)

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Another Snowy View

From our snow day in February: A view of Round Lake in Camas, Washington (my home town).  The cool air seemed to so enhance the brightness and clarity of that day…

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