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Midnight at Rainier

I had long planned a night shot of Mt. Rainier from Reflection Lakes under starlight, but the weather had been un-cooperative. This time, too, in late September, weather patterns were quite unstable and unpredictable. Still, since we were already staying at the Paradise Inn, halfway up on Rainier, I decided to wait till [...]

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Call Home

Desert View Watchtower, at the rim of the Grand Canyon, pointing to other worlds. The building elements of all life on Earth come from the stars, our home

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Tinker Bell’s Pond

Water lilies on a pond
And nary a ripple
A mesmerizing view
Lost in a daydream
I follow the lights
And on to the stars

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Worlds in Collision

Dandelion flowers. Old and dry but crowned with a hoary head, they float upwards, putting on a second brilliant show at the end of their natural lives. Who knows what their ultimate destination may be?
[[Cone Nebula background image courtesy of NASA.  Dandelion image courtesy of... my backyard.]]

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