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Stormy View from Washougal

South view from Washougal, Washington, across the Columbia river toward Oregon at very low water level. It is early October - end of the dry season. Clouds from a newly arrived storm signal the return of the rains.

Prints of this image on a variety of materials and surface finishes, in sizes up to [...]

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Storm in the Tetons

Stormy weather over the “Oxbow Bend” of the Snake river in Grand Teton National park.
(Image also available as a fine art print on a variety of materials and surface finishes in sizes up to 60″x 34″ at: http://bit.ly/2mQ7day )

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Odd neighbors, cast in stone

To early pioneers of the mid-19th century, the middle pile of stones looked like a “Washer Woman” so that is what they named it. The structure to the right they named: “Monster Tower”. In this scene, these two odd neighbors made of stone, are seen from, and framed by, the famous “Mesa Arch”, [...]

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Wistful Sunset

Familiar elements on the Oregon coast. A passing storm, the setting sun painting the scene in warm tones, the sound of rushing water where a small creek meets the big ocean…
(More images from the Coast here )

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I’ve always loved the stormy sea; those untamed waves crashing on rugged shores beneath my feet.  “Headlands” is the word; a colorful but descriptive term. There is a battle of wills being fought here. Endless waves of watery invaders in perpetual motion, meeting head-strong rocky promontories; motionless  “headlands” standing their ground.
I draw strength [...]

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Storm over Canyonlands

I just re-worked this image from Canyonlands NP  …Can you feel the static?

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Wild beauty…

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