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After the Rain

And then the rain stopped, and everything became crystal clear once again, just in time for the sunset. No fog of uncertainty, comforting though it may often feel. No seemingly endless rainfall compelling a downward, earth-bound orientation. The old things are gone, replaced by a fresh, purified perception of reality, worthy of [...]

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Psychedelic Dusk

Sometimes the sunset light show over Columbia’s shores can be downright mesmerizing

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Un-sharp Sunset

The knee-jerk response among photographers when, at the end of the day, they discover an image that isn’t sharp, is to a. see if it can be sharpened and b. if not, toss it. Which is what I almost did with this image, when I first saw the raw file from which it came…
On [...]

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A day at the beach

Not just any day, but Saturday, March 19 — the last full day of Winter. Sunset at Pacific City / Cape Kiwanda, Oregon. Good bye Winter of 2011

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