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Storm in the Tetons

Stormy weather over the “Oxbow Bend” of the Snake river in Grand Teton National park.
(Image also available as a fine art print on a variety of materials and surface finishes in sizes up to 60″x 34″ at: http://bit.ly/2mQ7day )

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By the River’s Bend

As night fell we rushed to set up camp, starting with a hot, crackling fire.  The coyote’s song echoed in the distance celebrating the end of yet another fragrant Spring day, anticipating happy hunting hours to come. The Tetons receded into silhouettes following the setting sun to its appointed journey. We felt so blessed to [...]

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Bluebird in the Tetons

It is, it is, it must be Spring…

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Another take of an Icon

Recently reworked this. Look familiar? I was there before. First time …in another incarnation… some 68 years ago. I had to carry a large frame, 50lb camera then and developed a rather dramatic b&w print with it. (Just kidding) ….This time I went for the full color + early morning [...]

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