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OR-7, the Mt.Hood files

“OR-7″ is a Gray wolf but not just any wolf — this Canis Lupus is famous enough and significant enough to warrant his own Wikipedia page (http://goo.gl/X5i5Dl) He single-handedly (…paw-deadly?) started the first wild wolf pack in Western Oregon in more that sixty years!
OK, biologically speaking it isn’t possible for a single male to start [...]

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Hood from Trillium

Mt. Hood over (snow-covered) Trillium Lake. This is a blend of three images using the “HDR” (High Dynamic Range) tool. It really helps bring out some welcome detail on an otherwise empty white expanse and in the dark areas of the image.

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Sunny Oregon

A lot of people think Oregon weather is synonymous with ‘wet’. ¬†Hopefully images like this should …broaden some minds

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