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Home for the Holidays?

If only in our dreams?
May we all be happy campers wherever we pitch our tents

Prints of this image on a variety of materials and surface finishes, in sizes up to 60″ x 40″ may also be ordered via this link

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Saint Helens in February

Still looks like a scene from another planet…
(More St. Helens images)

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Quileute Twilight

Mid-November sunset at LaPush, Washington — home base of the Quileute people, who, according to legend, descended from wolves. But of course you knew that already from the “Twilight” series

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Looking at Mount Adams, Washington, from the slopes of Mount Hood, Oregon.  (That’s two active volcanoes).  Twilight colors modified by smoke from a wildfire.
You could say “It is all done with smoke and mirrors” (and lenses and sensors and software)

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Psychedelic Dusk

Sometimes the sunset light show over Columbia’s shores can be downright mesmerizing

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December Twilight

I recently reworked this image, of Portland twilight in December, captured a couple of weeks before the Winter solstice. At a time of year when the sun travels far to the South, and shadows are deep any time of day, we count ourselves lucky to actually see any hint of sky, or light from [...]

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Snow play

I couldn’t see them at first, either. Only abstract shapes, hints of playful forms in the fading light.
But through the lens… yes, there they were; the snow critters I’d heard the locals mention in hushed tones. Deep in the forest, away from prying eyes. Lost in play. Visible in the low light of [...]

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