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Elk Meadows: a Fall diorama

Elk Meadows near Mt. Adams in South-central Washington State is a popular Winter grazing spot for Elk.

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Klickitat: Domain of Eagles

Mount Adams (Klickitat in the language of local Native Americans) basks in the sunlight of a rare blue sky in mid October. A bald eagle glides gracefully toward this majestic and potentially active stratovolcano in South central Washington’s Cascade Range.

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Dawn at the Meadow

A hundred years ago this meadow near Mt. Adams, was part of “Trout lake,” its waters teeming with wild trout, in South-Central Washington State.  A process of siltation has by now turned most of the lake into a meadow, with a small stream (Trout Lake Creek) still running through it. Seen here in mid October [...]

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Saint Helens in February

Still looks like a scene from another planet…
(More St. Helens images)

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The Quiet hour

Klickitat (Mt. Adams) getting ready for the night

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Old Flame

From the archives… The remains of a minor steam eruption at SW Washington’s Mt. St. Helens.
Dateline: October 27, 2004 in the vicinity of Coldwater Ridge volcano observatory, at closing time (note brake lights of the last two cars leaving the observatory parking lot.)
It looks peaceful from here, but it didn’t feel that way at the [...]

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Along a back country road

On the East side of the Cascade range of Oregon and Washington is high desert. It is a special place of farms and ranches and barns, rugged terrain and gentle rolling hills that almost magically bring forth a technicolor world each Spring, when wildflowers return to put on incredible, mesmerizing displays. Balsamroot, Indian Paintbrush, Poppies [...]

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