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The town of Skamokawa (pronounced: "Ska ma' kwe) on the Washington shores of the Lower Columbia river is listed in some directories as a Ghost town. Numerous waterways and creeks bring frequent fog into the town which caused the original Indian inhabitants to name it Skamokawa, which means "Smoke-on-the-water."

Until the year 1915 the town had no land connection with the outside world being surrounded on three sides by rocky cliffs and dense virgin timber and on the fourth by the broad lower Columbia River.

Skamokawa reached its peak in the early 1900s with a 1910 population of around five hundred. A fine hotel and schoolhouse were built and three large shingle mills operated around the clock. Sidewheelers and sternwheelers visited the town several times a day.

The town, which will probably never be a true ghost town, has not been the same since the river traffic died but still remains an interesting place to visit.

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