Cannon Beach & Ecola

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(Excerpted from Wikipedia article)

This coastal resort city in Clatsop county, was named Cannon Beach because in 1846, a cannon from the US Navy schooner "Shark" washed ashore on the adjacent beach. The schooner had been wrecked while attempting to cross the Columbia Bar, also known as "Graveyard of the Pacific". The original cannon, rediscovered in 1898, is in the city's museum, and a replica of it can be seen alongside U.S. Route 101.

The community was originally named Ecola, after the creek, a few miles to the north, which had been named by William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1806. In 1922, the city was renamed Cannon Beach at the insistence of the Post Office, to avoid confusion with 'Eola' (Now a small community in Polk county, a few miles west of Salem).

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